Li Ning Turbo Charging 7td Badminton Racket Review

Li Ning Turbocharging 7td is a pro master badminton racket. This racket made with very light material like Nanometer carbon fiber. The carbon fiber helps decrease frame weight and ensures higher strength and rigidity. The advantage to use of this material is that it increases the strength of the racket rather the increasing the weight. This racquet is living up to the expectation of all the players. It comes with moderate hardness which is a benefit for the player to swing the racket easily. Li Ning Turbocharging 7td racket is available with nearly 655mm length and the handle length is around 200 mm. This racket comes with medium shaft flexibility. It has an Aero Tec-Beam system along with a dynamic – Optimum frame. This racket can use by the overall player. This racquet has a balanced playful style for aggressive smashing as well as a solid defense. Li Ning Turbocharging 7td is available in the market with Black, white, and lime in color. This Racket is designed basically for a player who wants to change their game for the basic level to advance level.

A positive and negative review on Li Ning Turbocharging 7td:

Li Ning Turbocharging 7td is heavy head badminton which is a plus point for a player to deliver a perfect smash. The racket made of ultra-rigid carbon fibers with higher strength and rigidity. Weight of the Li Ning Turbocharging 7td has around 88gm. The racket has designed well with turbocharging technology and highly elastic shaft which help players to swing racket quickly. The grip size of this racket is s2, which is extra strong and helps the player to defend well and the same for smash. This racket covers all the important things such as hand grip, racquet weight, head shape, and balance point. The string tension of this racket has 20 - 24 lbs in vertical and 22 – 26 lbs in horizontal. Li Ning Turbocharging 7td comes with an average and affordable maximum retail price. This racket frame is specially designed to increase its swing rate. Aerotek Beam System added in this racket which gives less air resistance. It has reduced the risk of frame deformation and sustainable for string tension. If you are looking for the best rackets in India. Please click on it to get the perfect badminton rackets for yourself.

This racket comes with a basic model not in modern design, while the entire needful feature is available in it. This is a master racket popular for the smashing player. A defensive player also can use this as well this is perfect for them also.

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